PEP Offers Word Worksheet to Help Episcopalians
Submit Draft Covenant Study Guide Answers

May 16, 2007, Update. PEP has just released another tool to help Episcopalians who want to respond to the covenant Study Guide. It is a PDF collection of documents needed to answer the questions posed in the Study Guide. Learn more by clicking here. Answers are due by June 4, and most Episcopalians need all the help they can get.

May 13, 2007. Episcopalians intending to answer the 14 questions about the draft Anglican covenant posed in the Executive Council’s Study Guide have a difficult task ahead, even aside from the fast-approaching June 4 deadline for submissions. Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh (PEP) hopes to make the task less burdensome by making available a Microsoft Word worksheet to help Episcopalians capture their thoughts.

The worksheet, which can be used by all but the oldest versions of Microsoft’s word processing software, provides a place for a person to enter his or her name, address, parish, etc. It then lists all 14 questions and provides places for answers to be filled in. Having all the questions together—the questions are separated by discussion in the Study Guide—helps the reader organize what he or she intends to say. Most people will want to use the worksheet as a Word form, which allows the user to move from one answer to another without worry about inadvertently changing the questions or the format of the document.

PEP believes that providing feedback to the church on the draft Anglican covenant, a document that could forever change the nature of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, is a vitally important activity. PEP urges Episcopalians, whatever their liturgical or theological orientation, to study the covenant and its history, and to send your thoughts to the church before June 4.

The worksheet comes with a separate set of instructions that provide detailed suggestions about how to use the worksheet. This material can be used with either PC or Macintosh versions of Word.

Select downloads from the list below:

Instructions (Word file)
Worksheet (Word file)
Worksheet (unprotected Word file, should any user need it)
Instructions and worksheets as Zip file
Instructions and worksheets as self-extracting file for the PC
Instructions and worksheets as self-extracting file for the Mac