PEP Newsletter Covers Recent Events and
Possible Future Ones

January 29, 2008. The just-published February issue of PEPtalk, PEP’s newsletter, covers the recent dramatic events in both San Joaquin and Pittsburgh, where the struggle between The Episcopal Church and bishops bent on “realignment” is heating up. Other articles offer news of PEP and the diocese. The newsletter offers a “cautionary tale” on the subject of parish property and the church, as well as two essays on the necessity of loyal Episcopalians, whatever their theological or liturgical leanings, getting together to plan for the future Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. Paper copies of PEPtalk have been sent to PEP members and friends and are available in many local parishes. The on-line version is available here. If you would like to join PEP and have future issues mailed to you, click here to join.