PEP Issues Guide to General Convention 2006 Resolutions

Cover of “What Should General Convention 2006 Do?”May 23, 2006. PEP is today issuing a new publication titled “What Should General Convention 2006 Do?” Labeled a “Commentary on the Resolutions Proposed by the Special Commission on the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion,” the 17-page essay by Lionel Deimel, PEP board member and past-president, is intended to help bishops and deputies evaluate and shape critical resolutions that will be debated at the forthcoming General Convention.

On April 7, 2006, the Special Commission, which had been appointed by the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies, issued its report, “One Baptism, One Hope in God’s Call.” The report proposes 11 resolutions intended as the Episcopal Church’s response to the Windsor Report for consideration by the 75th General Convention at its June 13-21 meeting in Columbus, Ohio. Via Media USA facilitator Christopher Wilkins has written a helpful 2-page summary of the Special Commission’s report.

Lively discussion can be expected at Columbus about what the church should be trying to accomplish in its response to the AnglicanGeneral Convention 2006 logo Communion and about what measures, whether embodied in the resolutions proposed by the Special Committee or not, are needed for the purpose.

According to the introduction to the new PEP report, it is not a voter’s guide intended to tell General Convention participants how to vote. Instead, it provides commentary on each resolution, suggesting considerations that should be a part of the discussion in Columbus. “The resolutions can be subtle,” explained author Deimel. “We thought we could help the whole church by providing commentary on them. The annotations should be useful even for those who do not share our point of view.”

“What Should General Convention 2006 Do?” is available here in PDF form. It may be reproduced freely if accompanied by its copyright statement.