Q&A Handout Helps Explain Conflict


August 25, 2007. A new 6-page document from Church of the Redeemer helps demystify Episcopal ChurchPage 1 of “Questions on the Current Controversy Facing The Episcopal Church” and Anglican Communion conflicts. The handout includes 37 questions, along with brief answers and a question index. “Questions on the Current Controversy Facing The Episcopal Church” is especially helpful to Pittsburgh Episcopalians, as many questions relate to issues now being discussed in the diocese.

Questions answered in the document range from definitions and identifications (“What is a province?”) to the more subjective (“What is the current controversy?”). Other questions address issues about our own diocese (“Did the Diocese of Pittsburgh withdraw from its Episcopal Church province?”) Each question comprises a single paragraph.

“Questions on the Current Controversy” was inspired by the ongoing discussion in the diocese regarding whether congregations should remove themselves from The Episcopal Church. It is intended to provide reliable information, particularly in parishes that have been inundated with anti-Episcopal Church propaganda.

The FAQ document made its first appearance on the new A Pittsburgh Episcopal Voice Web site. (See “Parish ‘Resources’ Offered by New Site.”) The document has been submitted for inclusion on Parish Toolbox, but, to date, it has not appeared.

Click here to read “Questions on the Current Controversy.”

Update: This document is now available on Parish Toolbox as well.