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Beth Stifel, Vice President
Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
Progressive Episcopalians Seek to Strengthen Diocese through Donations
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — March 15, 2013 — Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh (PEP), no longer needing to focus on prevention of schism in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, is seeking to strengthen the diocese through various donations. PEP’s most recent and significant donation is a collection of nine courses on religious topics produced by The Teaching Company of Chantilly, Virginia.

PEP recognized that use of the diocese’s Resource Center declined substantially in recent years. Many of its holdings were out-of-date, few were designed for adult education, and much of the material had a theological slant that was unattractive to many parishes. PEP saw an opportunity to make available to parishes material appropriate for adult study taught by professors conversant with current scholarship. These and other materials are now more conveniently available through the Resource Center of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA, which manages a combined collection of the Lutheran and Episcopal judicatories.

 The donated courses represent a combined 114 hours of instruction organized in half-hour lectures. The courses are presented by well-known scholars such as Bart D. Ehrman and Amy-Jill Levine. The courses treat such topics as early Church history, the Old and New Testaments, non-canonical texts, mysticism, and the relationship of science and religion. (A complete list of courses, lecturers, and course length can be found on the PEP Web site. See links below.)

“PEP hopes that these courses will help to produce more knowledgeable and committed Christians in our diocese,” explained Lionel Deimel, PEP board member who selected the courses. “This material can be especially helpful in small parishes lacking the resources to present ambitious adult education, as well as in larger parishes, where small groups may want to pursue in-depth study.”

In addition to the recent donation to the Resource Center, PEP has quietly been making donations of needed materials to returning or restarting congregations. These donations have included Episcopal Church flags, organist editions of the Episcopal hymnal, and a crèche. PEP intends to continue such donations to strengthen struggling congregations
Beth Stifel, Vice President
Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
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