Time to Renew PEP Membership

September 15, 2009. PEP memberships run from September 1 to August 31. Renewal materials were sent to PEP members and friends last month. Now is the time to send in your renewal if you have not done so. If you have not been a member before or your membership has lapsed, do consider becoming a member for 2009–2010.

PEP membership comes in two varieties, active and affiliate. Active members must have a connection to the Diocese of Pittsburgh—most active members live in the diocese—and pay tax-deductible dues. (Suggested dues are $15, but many give more and some give less.) Affiliate members do not have to have a diocesan connection. Contributions are appreciated but are not required. Members receive paper copies of PEPtalk, the PEP newsletter. Active members can vote in PEP elections.

If you do not have a PEP membership form in hand, your can find one here. The form can be printed and mailed to PEP, or you can fill in the form on-line and e-mail it directly from your Web browser. If you are paying dues, you may send a check or pay on-line. (Click on the Donate button on our Join Us! page.)

Finally, some have asked if there is still a need for PEP. The answer is yes, and this is an issue that PEP president Joan Gundersen addressed in her message that was included in the renewal mailing that went out last month. You can read her message here.