Is there still a need for PEP?
A message from PEP President Dr. Joan Gundersen
August 2009

Since October 4, 2008, PEP’s role has been slowly evolving. We are no longer on the front line in a struggle to stay in The Episcopal Church. We no longer need to “correct” every statement issued by diocesan leaders. Members of PEP are no longer excluded from leadership roles in the diocese. So does that mean we should declare our mission accomplished and go home?

No. There is still much to be done. Now we can be a positive, progressive voice and provide balance within a diocese that is open to all perspectives.

  • After a decade of slowly being cut off from the rest of The Episcopal Church, there is a great need in the diocese for education about our church and for a group that can provide opportunities to re-connect with The Episcopal Church.
  • We still can reach out to those in the dioceses whose parishes are participating in the realigned group.
  • Dioceses and parishes elsewhere are still teetering on the brink of division, and the Via Media USA groups in those places are looking to PEP, Fort Worth Via Media, and Remain Episcopal of San Joaquin to provide guidance and help.
  • In fact, there is an exciting time ahead for PEP as we look to partner with other organizations and sponsor programs that bring the richness of The Episcopal Church to Pittsburgh.

Now is not the time to quit. We can still make a positive difference. Please join PEP for 2009–2010.