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Episcopalians of
Pittsburgh is a group of Episcopal clergy and laity dedicated to maintaining the health and unity of The Episcopal Church, including the Diocese of Pittsburgh, as a theologically diverse expression of Anglicanism in America. PEP seeks both a church and a society that strive for justice and peace among all people, and that respect the dignity of every human being.

PEP is a member of Via Media USA, an alliance of similar groups dedicated to the traditional Anglicanism of The Episcopal Church. We are not liberal or conservative, not Evangelical or Anglo-Catholic, not low-, broad-, or high-church. We are all those things and more: we are one in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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PEP Now Has
Facebook Page

January 23, 2013. PEP now has a Facebook page. This will allow us to provide timely information of news and events of interest to PEP members and friends, something that has not been practical using our Web site.

Our Facebook page can easily be accessed by Facebook members by typing “Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh” into the search box at the top of your Facebook page.

You can view our Facebook page even if you are not a Facebook member. (Nonmembers cannot leave comments, share content, etc., however.) Anyone can go directly to our Facebook page using the URL facebook. (It is generally unnecessary to type “http://” into your browser.)

Whether you are a Facebook member or not, do check our Facebook often for news and announcements. If you are a Facebook member, please Like our new page.


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PEP Seeks to Strengthen
Diocese through Donations

March 15, 2013. PEP issued a press release today detailing some of the donations it has made to strengthen the diocese. The occasion for the press release was its latest donation made to the Resource Center run by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA. (Episcopalians use the Resource Center on the same terms as Lutherans.) PEP has donated nine religion-related courses on DVD. Details can be found here.

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PEPtalk Editor Needed

January 23, 2013. The PEP newsletter, PEPtalk has not been published in quite a while for lack of an editor. If you would like to volunteer as the editor of the newsletter, please write to us at


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